Monday, 7 January 2013

Portfolio Preparations

My non-existent portfolio really gets me down sometimes and although in the past I have tried to scrape something together, I thought it might be time to actually have a go, since I do need it for the course I am applying for... SO today me and my pal Gill got on our bikes and tried to find a good location. Of course it was 2 degrees and absolutely pouring which was not the best conditions, but in Scotland you don't really get much better. Originally I had pictured a natural setting with leaves and twigs, but today the muddy puddles were to much to handle. We managed to find a nice wee spot by the parliament. After standing in the rain for an hour taking photos I think I might have something to show for it, Hope you like.

Top:Urban Outfitters. Jeans:H&M. Necklace/Boots:Topshop

Poncho:H&M. Tights:M&S

Shirt:Urban Renewal. Leggings:Urban Outfitters. Earrings:Primark 

Top:Missguided. Shorts:Topshop 

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