Thursday, 26 December 2013

That Dress...

Merry Christmas Everyone!

New Year is approaching fast, and we're all trying to find that perfect New Year dress. Something seasonal, warm, comfortable, flattering, magical. We all have many different requirements for this one garment, so it is essential that we find the right one.  I usually go for something that is loose, warm and will stay in place all night . Lets be honest, most of us will probably not be looking our best when the bells strike twelve thanks too our old friend tequila. But digital photography is ever so popular these days and no one wants to start the new year finding a photo of themselves obliviously dancing with half their bum cheek on show. Here are a few of my favourites I've found so far . 
From left:
 Both Topshop
Tartan- River island

All of these dresses would look good with or without tights, it just depends on what you're comfortable in. 

Which one is your favourite ? 

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Sunday Best.

Me again. 
Here I am once again on a Saturday night sprawled on my bed, eating and watching Harry Potter. Ahh to be a nineteen eh. I thought I'd do a wee preview of my outfit for work tomorrow. Since I can't function in the morning I always try and sort out my clothes the night before. My brain thanks me for this at 6:45am. Since its pure baltic  outside, I refuse to wear anything that doesn't cover my shoulders. For work a denim shirt is good as you don't get too hot and bothered and its just comfy. I bought these jazzy deep green velvet leggings from Velvet is everywhere right now so go and get some velvet action before the new year. My wee leopard print dockers are my fave at the moment. They're from Asos along with the watch and cuff. 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas Wishlist ...

It's that time of year again. I'm not really that big on Christmas if I'm honest with you. I kind of lose interest by the end of November. However this year I'm trying not to be a total scrooge and get into the spirit by of course looking at things I could buy myself or maybe even receive as a present if I'm lucky...

Celfie Top- Sincerely Joules
Jeans- Topshop
DVD- Amazon
Cushion- Oh Deer
Laptop Sleeve- Liberty London
Naked Palette - Urban Decay
Phone Case - Ebay
Benefit Make-Up
Nails Inc 

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Cocktail Crawl.

Hello Everyone ! 
For ages I've been planning a trip around some of the best cocktail bars in Edinburgh. There is so many good ones in the Burgh and I wish I could have got round them all, although my liver probably  disagrees. I chose these four simply because every time I've been I've had an excellent experience. Me and Casey started out Journey at: 

1. Bar Kohl  
We started our journey at the wonderful bar kohl. After attending there birthday bash I had to pop in again for another fresh cocktail. I had a 'Garden Bramble':Hendrick's gin, cucumber, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup & lejay creme de mure. Case had the 'Pear shaped': Sailor Jerry , Xante pear liquer , fresh lime juice , cinnamon syrup and fresh apple juice. I love the ambiance in bar Kohl, the low lighting sets the tone perfectly.

2. Dragonfly

Our second stop was the lovely Dragonfly bar on West bow. I love the quirkiness of Dragonfly, the cute mezzanine level looking over to the space below. It's a great wee cosy spot to enjoy their wonderful  cocktails. I can't exactly remember what was in mine but I remember it tasted damn fine. Casey had an espresso martini which was delicious as well. 

3. 52 Canoes 
Our 3rd stop was a very colourful little place down the West end. It's a tiki themed den with mismatching furniture and lots of interesting bits and bobs. We managed to grab one of the last tables as it was absolutely packed! My cocktail was a gingery delight. Casey went for a cheeky pina colada. Definitely worth a look. The food menu also looks spectacular. 

4. Bramble

Our last stop was Bramble on Queen street. This underground hide out is a stunning example of a good cocktail bar. The drinks are unique and beautiful. Good music blasting and tasty drinks, what else do you need... 

All of the bars we visited were excellent and there's so many more to try, all in good time my friends. 

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Smock up


I am really loving smock dresses at the moment. They are such a lovely flattering shape no matter what size you are. They're great for the winter as you can layer them up with a woolly jumper or a wee cardi. I saw this one on Pinterest and ended up getting it for a steal on the Asos 20% off weekend. Since I'm going somewhere warm soon it will be perfect for then. I'll wear it with tights in the colder months. As for that hat, you can make up your own mind...

Necklace&Ring : Hannah Zakari

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas in the Burgh.

After finally coming to terms that Christmas is nearly upon us, I thought I'd put a wee post up to show how pretty Edinburgh is over the Christmas period. From mulled wine at the Christmas market to getting a birds-eye view of the city from the big wheel nothing will disappoint. It's not just the Princes street area either. There's a crimbo tree on every corner I tell ya. 
Merigoround in the Gardens 

There's Gildo at the christmas market 

Multrees walk

St Andrews square bar 

Tree at the Dome 

Christmas market 

Big wheel

Perfect for presents !

The 'Star flyer' at St Andrews square 

Stuck for present ideas ? Check out the craft reactor exhibition at Hula juice bar :

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Raw,Vegan,Gluten-free Nanaimo bars

I started the day off by waking up before midday.Wow. I then went to the gym for the first time in years and almost fainted on the treadmill however all in all it was a great morning. I have been looking for a recipe for Nanaimo bars for ages which allow for vegans and gluten free to enjoy as well. Originally the cream in the centre would be made with butter icing however in this recipe we substitute it with coconut oil and coconut cream. All in all prep time is around 30 minutes, Then freeze it for as long as you want. 
Lets begin...

Chocolate crust ingredients:
128g of flaked almonds
64g of soaked dates
64g of shredded coconut 
32g of cocoa powder
Dash of salt 

Cream ingredients: 
3 oz of Coconut Oil 
64g of Soaked Cashews
3 Tbsp Agave Nectar
3 oz Coconut Cream
1/2 Tsp Vanilla Extract 

Chocolate topping ingredients: 
64g Soaked Cashews
64g Cup Cocoa Powder
6 oz Cup Coconut Oil
3 oz Agave Nectar

1. Place all the ingredients for the middle cream layer into a bowl. Use an electronic whisk  until smooth. Put this to one side.

2. Put all of the chocolate topping ingredients into a bowl, whisk until completely smooth. Put this mix to the side also. 

3. Finally put all of your chocolate crust into a bowl and whisk until dough like. (Don't worry if its a wee but crumbly it will fuse in the freezer) spoon this into a silicone tray and flatten down with a spatula until you have an even biscuity looking base. 

4. Top the crust layer with the cream layer and spread out evenly. I found last time that it was really difficult to layer the chocolate on top of the cream while it was still runny. To avoid this rest it in the freezer for around 10 minutes until the cream layer is firm.  
5. Top with your chocolate topping. 

6. Pop it in the freezer for as long as you need to (at least an hour) and serve it up to suit you and yer pals. I cut mine into wee bunnies. 

With thanks to

Monday, 2 December 2013

Outside looking in.

I have been wandering around lately searching for some fine window displays to throw up on ye olde blog. Once again the  Grassmarket has come up trumps. The thing I love about these are they're not in your face but still bold and cute enough to catch your eye. There is so many more I need to photograph but unfortunately my camera suddenly died with no warning. So keep an eye out for some more photos I will be sticking up soon.

Black box boutique on Victoria street

Hannah Zakari on Candlemaker row
Book shop Golden hare on Victoria street p.s LOVE the marshmallows 

Harvey Nichols

Although I prefer independent businesses Harvey Nichols always have a crazy window display.
Which one is your favourite ? 

Thursday, 28 November 2013

How to wear yer 'mom' jeans.

'Mom' jeans have finally hit the high street sparking a new craze among fashionistas around the globe. Topshop have especially grasped the trend offering you many different types to fall in love with. I just love them cause they're comfy, they don't cut the circulation off in your thighs and you don't have to lie on your back to pull them up. I struggled a bit getting them right as I am a tad on the shorter side, so I chucked some chunky boots in to add a few inches. Yas. A cami top also works well as it slims your shoulders and looks delicate against the bagginess of the jeans . If you don't want your arms out chuck a baggy shirt on top and tie it at the waist. Sorted. 
Jeans- Topshop
Top- H&M
Boots- Windor Smith
Chain-Miss Selfridge 

Friday, 22 November 2013

Recent Purchase.

The weekend is finally upon us,  and since I finished at 3 today There was still some light to catch a few wee snaps of my most recent purchases.
This black maxi dress is a life saver if you're in a rush and just want to be comfy. It's from and just reminds me of walking around in a blanket, perfect for work and casual days. Pair with a bold necklace and a wooly jumper.
 I managed to pick up this daisy chain in forever 21 for a VERY reasonable price, it's perfect for brightening up some of the plainer things in the wardrobe.

Finally this cute wee hair bow also from Forever 21. I've been trying to find a clip on bow for ages which is small enough to fit on my head. This one is nice and dainty and adds a wee zing to any bun or pony. 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Gelato in the Grassmarket.

I am in love with Edinburgh's Grassmarket. There I said it.  
The old town colourful streets wrap around local businesses and familiar faces. To top it all off there has been a semi recent addition to the Grassmarket family; GELATO. I know what you're thinking. How could something so cold possibly be enjoyed somewhere so cold. Trust me, 3 degree weather should be no reason to not enjoy a cheeky wee sorbet. Ignore the frosty breath and numb toes and go to Mary's Milk Bar. 

They make all of their Gelato on site and also home make the chocolate treats which are gorgeously gift wrapped. 

I had the Spiced apple sorbet and the Super dark chocolate sorbet which are both dairy free! Perfect for vegans and allergies. They were both absolutely delicious and I am dying to get back in there and try some more!

Along with the homemade artisan chocolate there's drinks like Affogato and Hot chocolate which I am still needing to try. Thank goodness it's just down the road. Lovely wee place, the only sad part is when you eat it all.