Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Gelato in the Grassmarket.

I am in love with Edinburgh's Grassmarket. There I said it.  
The old town colourful streets wrap around local businesses and familiar faces. To top it all off there has been a semi recent addition to the Grassmarket family; GELATO. I know what you're thinking. How could something so cold possibly be enjoyed somewhere so cold. Trust me, 3 degree weather should be no reason to not enjoy a cheeky wee sorbet. Ignore the frosty breath and numb toes and go to Mary's Milk Bar. 

They make all of their Gelato on site and also home make the chocolate treats which are gorgeously gift wrapped. 

I had the Spiced apple sorbet and the Super dark chocolate sorbet which are both dairy free! Perfect for vegans and allergies. They were both absolutely delicious and I am dying to get back in there and try some more!

Along with the homemade artisan chocolate there's drinks like Affogato and Hot chocolate which I am still needing to try. Thank goodness it's just down the road. Lovely wee place, the only sad part is when you eat it all. 

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