Saturday, 21 December 2013

Sunday Best.

Me again. 
Here I am once again on a Saturday night sprawled on my bed, eating and watching Harry Potter. Ahh to be a nineteen eh. I thought I'd do a wee preview of my outfit for work tomorrow. Since I can't function in the morning I always try and sort out my clothes the night before. My brain thanks me for this at 6:45am. Since its pure baltic  outside, I refuse to wear anything that doesn't cover my shoulders. For work a denim shirt is good as you don't get too hot and bothered and its just comfy. I bought these jazzy deep green velvet leggings from Velvet is everywhere right now so go and get some velvet action before the new year. My wee leopard print dockers are my fave at the moment. They're from Asos along with the watch and cuff. 

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