Sunday, 22 September 2013

Present Predicaments.

Hello Sunday!

There has been a lot of birthdays recently and it got me thinking how difficult it is to actually buy a nice, meaningful personalised gift for someone these days. So after word of mouth and doing a little digging myself I managed to find some really unique birthday ideas.  

Choose which lid you would like
Choose the colour
Choose a message for the bottom
personalise your gift wrap box
Nails Inc is the first Idea , on there website you are now able to design your own nail polish for you or a friend which is great as you can tailor make it to your friends taste. at quite a hefty price tag of £20 it is on the pricey side however nails inc is good quality polish, and is worth it.

Pride and Prejudice postcards 
Jane Eyre Pocket Mirror 
Lord of the rings necklace

The second idea I heard about from some friends, and is for all the book lovers out there lets you see merchandise reflected from some of your favourite books. The most famous quotes are already there but if you would like a special quote I'm sure there would be no problem.

Property of 'Blurb'

The last idea is a sight called where you can create your own book or photo book. This would be a really great present as you can make it so personal. There is also a lot of different ideas you can do with the books. For example if someone you know has been travelling , gather all there photos up and put something together,  an instagram photo book is also very popular. At the end of the day it's what you think they would like best.

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