Friday, 13 September 2013

Well spent Wednesdays.

 Me again.

I had another day off from work today which I was cheesin about. I had the dentist at 9:00am which put a bit of a downer on things but apparently I have 'very healthy gums', quids in.

 There is a lovely wee cafe just up from the dentist, so after about 4 espressos I decided to dive into my new book 'the fault in our stars' it's looking promising. After 4 hours of sitting solo my gal pal Mila joined me for some hearty soup and homemade bread which was bliss and we headed out into the chilly Autumn day.                                          

Bagged a coat for 18 pounds, bargaainn!


In the evening Maries exhibition.

Belated B-day from Caffa!
Love it!

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