Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Amys five essentials

I am such a lounger and love to be comfy wherever I can. So although my five essentials look simple you honestly can't go wrong with this comfy collection .

1. 'The oversized t-shirt' At work , at home, There is nowhere you can't wear this baggy beauty . I tend to wear it with leggings in the summer and skinnys in the winter. 

2. Everyone needs those one pair of jeans that no matter how many slices of chocolate cake, you just slip them on and feel like a size 0. My favies are the 'Joni super high waisted' from Topshop , simply because the material is so stretchy and cosy.

3. My vans are the shoes I look to when my feet seem like they can't take anymore of life. Nike lo blazers are also a personal favourite. Especially when I have to be on my feet all day at work , these shoes honestly are the best. They go with anything and add a couple of centimetres to your height. Quality.

4. I chuck on my chain with anything and everything in my wardrobe and seem to never get bored of it. So good at adding a bit of bling to any outfit. 

5. Finally the handbag which stores items that could cope with any situation. From plasters to purses you might not know whats hiding in the depths of the dark abyss, you know deep in your heart that it will come in handy one day. 

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